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Herbal Compress Kit - Post Partum Vaginal Healing

Herbal Compress Kit - Post Partum Vaginal Healing

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Well known and documented primary use of Comfrey is wound healing, surgical incisions, skin and tissue tears.  Allantoin, a major biochemical constituent in Comfrey, increases cell proliferation and promotes rapid healing. 

Harness these powerful benefits appropriately with our external compress kit to support vaginal healing after birthing your baby.  Compresses can be used on episiotomy stiches and perineal lacerations (labial tears).  Kit includes instructions and supplies; process is simple.  Suggested to purchase and prepare prior to delivery so it is ready when you need it. 

Alert:  This product is for external use only.  Parsley Queen does not advocate using Comfrey in tea or internal use.  Controversy regarding potential danger of Comfrey is related to internal consumption and the strong properties of this plant.

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