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Royal Crown - Cradle Cap Rub

Royal Crown - Cradle Cap Rub

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 "Royal Crown" Cradle Cap Oil: Majestic and Safe for Newborn Scalps

Crown your baby's precious moments with the touch of care that "Royal Crown" Cradle Cap Oil provides. Embrace a soothing ritual that will not only soothe your baby's scalp but also create cherished moments of bonding. Let your baby experience royal touch from the very beginning. 

👑 Gentle Royalty:   A nurturing softener crafted to provide a tender touch to the most delicate of scalps.  A blend of organic infused oils, this formula is designed to gently soothe, protect, and pamper your baby's skin.  

🌱 Nature's Court: Enriched with specific medicinal plants, each ingredient plays a role in your baby's comfort. Horsetail, known for its hair/scalp tonic qualities, reigns alongside Plantain, Yarrow, Skullcap, and Queen of the Meadow to offer anti-inflammatory, astringent, and healing properties to provide soothing relief for your baby's sensitive scalp.  The process of cool lunar infusion holds the key to this gentle action.

🌷 No Essential Oils: Our formula is designed with pure, whole plants – free from the high concentration of essential oils to ensure your baby's skin is treated with the utmost gentleness and care.

👑 Application: Treat your baby like the little prince or princess they are. Just a few drops on your palm or fingertips, gently massage onto their scalp, will make them feel like they're wearing a crown of comfort. For cradle cap removal, we recommend using your finger, fingernail, a soft comb, or brush to tenderly assist in shedding skin removal.

🌟 Fit for Royal Outsides: Cradle Cap Oil is exclusively for external use.

Ingredients:  *Sunflower and Cold Pressed *Olive oils, infused with *Horsetail, *Yarrow, *Skullcap, *Plantain, *Queen of the Meadow.

*indicates Organically grown plants



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