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Summer Skin Soother - Insect Bite Spot Treatment

Summer Skin Soother - Insect Bite Spot Treatment

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Effective Spot Treatment for Insect Bites

Convenient, Safe and Easy - Roll on application allows you to target the irritated area directly, 

This Botanical Infusion is Engineered to Soothe Itchy and Irritated Skin, to Promote Wound Healing, Calm the Skin and the Mind, Protect our Mood and Rejuvenate skin tissues.

Contains: Herbal Infused Sunflower oil with Chickweed, Cleavers, and Calendula with potent calming Lavender Essential Oil.  Roll on for easy use on the go.  

Excellent for all ages, kids, and babies.  Lavender is well known as safe to use with children and babies.  Always skin test prior to using new products and consult your doctor as needed.  10 mL bottle

Keep one in your Go Bag, in the bathroom, on your bedside table, one by the back door...

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