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Custom Consultations Package -- Personal Consult and Product

Custom Consultations Package -- Personal Consult and Product

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A Journey of Self and Connection, a Path of Whole-Being.

Life's challenges and demands can sometimes leave us feeling out of balance and disconnected from our own well-being.  Your journey is unique, and that's why we offer  tailored wellness consultations as a meaningful exploration with actions to assist you.

🌿 Your Voice, Your Wellness: At the heart of the consult is you. Here you will find a safe and nurturing space to share what's on your mind – the challenges that are weighing you down, the limitations you're facing, the goals you're striving for...   We listen with compassion and without judgment, putting your well-being at the forefront.

🌼 A Holistic Perspective: Our approach draws from a tapestry of traditions, including Herbalism, Ayurveda, Yoga Sciences, Restorative Bodywork, Flower Essences, Medicinal Plants, and the Natural World. By weaving together these ancient and time-tested practices, we offer a holistic perspective that considers your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

💬 Conversations that Matter: We believe in the power important discussions.  As we delve into your topics of concern, the aim is to uncover insights that lead to transformative shifts. From understanding the root causes of your ailments to developing strategies that promote balance and success.  This process lays down stepping stones on your path.

🌿 Tailored Solutions for You: More than just talking – it's an opportunity for actionable steps. And, as a tangible outcome of our discussion, we provide you with a supportive product that's custom-made for you. Whether it's a medicinal tea blend, body care essentials, a flower remedy, or another form of natural wellness support, it's tailored to address a special aspect of you right now.


60 min consult via phone or tele-conference with follow up personalized product delivery.

Also available is 30 or 90 day programs.  email to discuss.





 (I am not a licensed medical doctor.  I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions as a physician.  Always consult your doctor as needed)


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